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Disclaimer: this zine was made as my Law Capstone Project in late 2022, so was written for the audience of my law school marker and received 88, myself knowing approximately how my marker and law school like to engage in dialogue, and the marker might have different ideas now too.  I am grateful to the marker and enjoyed creating this project. 


The views of this zine do not represent activist mobilisations, groups or the people painted in the zine.  I myself no longer think that the Constitution of so-called "Australia" is a document that represents or looks after the people who live on the so-called "Australian" continent, as the Constitution is a patriarchal and colonial document.  The only thing I somewhat appreciate about the so-called "Australian" Constitution is that it is short and written like Ernest Hemingway, making it somewhat accessible. 


There are compelling "No" and "Yes" arguments as to whether there should be a First Nations Voice to Parliament entered into the Constitution by a referendum. It takes a double majority of people and of "states" and "territories" to do so, and only 8 out of 44 referendums have passed so far.


The Constitution may not be a document that First Nations people want to be a part of, and I feel uncomfortable when majorities vote on matters that are of live-or-death importance to minorities.  It reminds me of the gay marriage plebiscite, when the government could have passed that law without subjecting LGBTQIA+ people to the pain of everyone having an opinion about them. 

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